dark silver baby cabas still available?

  1. i just saw pics of the dark silver baby cabas and it's everything i've been looking for -- the color, the shape, and even the price! but i wonder if i'm too late, and whether or not it's still possible to get my hands on one. :crybaby:

    has anyone seen this bag, or know from where i can get one? i live in LA, but i'm willing to call any SA anywhere in the US to get one! Thanks!
  2. I just bought mine from US and it arrived a few days ago. Maybe there are still some stocks in the shops.
  3. Thanks Puffy! That gives me hope. Did you buy yours from a Chanel boutique or from a department store?
  4. I got mine from Nordstrom. U can call around to find one...
  5. Mine is from Nordstrom.
  6. I made an enquiry to Nordstrom for a black one and was told that there were no Cabas at all available.
  7. U can wait list for the black baby cabas for coming FALL. They will be getting new shipment end of Aug.
  8. hey chloe_78 and gals,

    I've got mine from Nordstrom as well. he.he..

    Yes, as what chanelfans suggested, you'd better waitlisted for the coming fall stocks.