Dark silver 226 available

  1. Anyone looking for dark silver 226, please contact my SA - Anita Hui
    Chanel Boutique, San Francisco
    P: (415) 981-1550

    Thanks!! :heart:
  2. hmmm...i think i ought to let you gals know in case you want to buy this dark silver 226 without seeing it in person. I bought a dark silver 226 from the same boutique last month from overseas and it turns out that there are many scratches inside the bag and the bottom of the bag even droops, which looks like it's a returned and used bag...The SA originally told me that they could buff it up to look like new and the drooping of the bottom is in fact natural because it's handmade...Fortunately, they had another new one for me so I exchanged for the new one but it has been so much hassles to get the bag exchanged and I need to pay for the shipping fee to ship the defective bag back to them, which is nearly US$100...by the way, the bottom of my new 226 does not droop at all! And i guess the 226 now available might probably be the bag returned by me last week.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Wouldn't ya think that since the bag is "defective" given the scratches that the boutique would arrange for shipping on their buck? I would certainly push it as it was no fault on your end that the bag was scratched.

    BTW, my 2005 227 (bought used) has a crease on the bottom, and if I'm not mistaken this has been discussed on the forum. It's pretty much the nature of the beast. However, my new 226 metallic dark silver, which hasn't been used yet does not have the crease. Don't be aghast if it happens at point in time.

    The scratches, aargh! (I try to remember to ask that the bag be given a thorough look over and that everything matches and is at it should be prior to shipping.)
  4. oh dear, would it be like this for the classic flap too? cos I'm thinking of getting the medium/large in black caviar.
  5. oh im so sorry to hear that!! then probably be safe just dont take my referral!! She jsut informed me today that a dark silver 226 is available and since i got mine in met black 226 from Nordies so i just see if anybody here looking for one!! but your experience clearly turn me off from ordering there again...thanks so much for sharing!
  6. jmen,

    Yes, I did try to ask them for reimbursement of my shipping fee because they shipped me a defective bag, but they refused and said they couldn't do any reimbursement. I just don't want to spend time to argue with them again but then they might eventually lose one customer...

    i understand that there might be crease on the bottom given the nature of the bag, but as there's so much scratches inside the bag, i just feel that it's a used bag. Everytime I ordered a bag from them, I've asked them to check the bag for me and make sure it's perfect, so I'm really quite unhappy this time and you know what, the dust bag is not even the original one!

  7. They've been nice and prompt all along and I've ordered 4 bags in total from them in 2 months, so kinda disappointed this time...and their shipping fee is much higher than NM too!

  8. I had a black metallic 226 send fromthe SF store and while the bag looked like it was a display and it was missing al the care cards and authenticity cards. While granted they were nice and had fex ex pick up the bag.....they should have never shipped something like that.
  9. Oh this is awful...consider we pay so much for the bags...
  10. I saw the bag yesterday when I went to the SF boutique. The bag looked more bronzy than a dark silver, but it's still very cute! Wish I had some extra cash.. :crybaby:
  11. sammix3: what condition was the bag in? was it perfect or the used one per the other posts? TIA
  12. larkie,
    i just put on the purse really quick to see how it looked on me but i didnt look specificaly enough to comment on the condition of it. sorry.
  13. I wonder if it is still available. I will be there on Tuesday and I really want to try it on and see if I fall in love..
  14. OH...MyFairLady, I felt sorry that you have to spend extra shipping for the bag. But, at least you can get a brand new one. With all these money we are paying, SAs shouldn't just treat the sale like this.

    I purchased my DS 225 also from Chanel SF via phone. It arrived with a complete package. However, there was an accident before they actaully sent out the bag. My SA told me mine was the only one at store at that time. Since I purchased it late Saturday night, my SA told me she can only send it out on Monday. I was ok with it. & I knew that my SA would be off Monday as well, so I decided to call the store up to check my shipping status.

    In the beginning, none of the other SAs wanted to check the bag for me. But after they forwarded me to the shipping dept. The lady was more helpful to check for me, but she could NOT find my bag. I was so worry. I paid for the bag & knew it was the last one. I left my name & number. After a few HOURS, another lady called me back (I believe she's the manager or at least higher level). She told me she found the address note my SA left with the bag. She then reconfirmed the address with me again, just before she sent out the bag. I was thinking - if I didn't call to follow up, what/where would this bag end up?? Anyway, SF was the only place I can get the DK in 225.