Dark Silver 225--buy Or Pass??

  1. I need to make my decision by today. Please help as i have not seen the size 225 dark silver irl ! Should i buy it (charge/send) or pass? thanks sooo much as i am struggling with this decision.
  2. Why don't you get the bag and you can see it for yourself, that way you'll know for sure. You can always return it if you don't love it! I have one coming to me next week, I can't wait. Hope it'll be love a first sight.
  3. imo the dark silver is a lovely & versatile metallic & the 225 is the perfect size for me (5'4) ~ i have just tried the 226 today for the first time & i feel it too bulky in comparison ~ i say get it! :smile:
  5. Dark Silver is really Stunning IRL:love: and very easy to match too;)
    here are some pics. of mine to help you make your decision!
  6. Ahh! Buy it! Like others have said, you could return it if you really don't like it... :smile:
  7. Love that bag! buy!
  8. Get it sweetie! Here are my 225 DS pics
    2.55 003.jpg 2.55 004.jpg 2.55 002.jpg
  9. I love it! It is so beautiful IRL.:love: I would go for it!
  10. Buy It! Buy It! Buy It! All The Way For buying It!!!!!!!
  11. Got for it! I didn't see mine in IRL before I made the purchase as well. :yes:

    You are lucky now to see so many other TPFers posting photos here. But, IRL the bag is way better than what you can imagine. Plus, the leather is so soft & the smell is :angel:
  12. uhm, one word: YESSSSS

    the color is FABULOUS. I saw it on the small wallet on chain @ the Chanel store yesterday, and it's not as "bright" as I thought it was. It has just the right mix of metallic sheen, but still versatile enough to work into day.

    You never know what Chanel will re-release in the future (who knows, they might not put out this color again in another season) -so as others have suggested, perhaps charge/send it, and if it doesn't WOW you in person -you can always send it back. -good luck with your decision! ;)
  13. Take it for my vote. I saw that IRL and it was so pretty. I wish I could buy it too, but then I just bought other bags before that :crybaby:
  14. The 225 is the perfect size for such a blingy colour IMO...it's HOT!!!
  15. I love dark silver reissue but not size 225 (if for me, it's kinda of small, prefer it in size 226-227).

    If u prefer it in size 225, i wuld say GO for it!