dark red stuart weitzman

  1. I just bought these incredible dark red heels and I'm trying to find a belt to match...I keep trying to upload pic, but it says my file size is big...so if you have any hints on how I can shrink pic...let me know too.
  2. Here's how to shrink the picture:
    Right click the picture and open with paint. Go to Image, Stretch/Skew, and change the 100% to about 70% for vertical and horizontal. Save it and this should work. Hope this helps.
  3. okay hope this works. thanks for the tip
  4. oooh those are hot!! :drool:
  5. I haven't seen a belt that matches those shoes. Sorry. Absolutely love the shoes though. I tried those and thought they were super cute and comfortable. I am sure someone here can help you find a matching belt.
  6. THANKs! and they are pretty comfy too. unbeknowngst to me until recently, Nordies has a hard plastic arch support to place in heels to make them more comfy! You have to ask for them. speaking of which anyone else rec other good arch supports if I plan on dancing all night in them?
  7. i dont know about a belt but those shoes are delicious!
  8. so can any of you ladies help me with what I can wear with them if I can't tie together with belt? what other colors can I wear with red? sorry for my ignorance of the fashion rainbow.
  9. I saw those on the Saks website and I loved them!
  10. @gemruby are you going to buy? what would you wear with them? I need ideas
  11. those are adorable! I :heart: SW
    I wouldn't bother finding an exact match to the shoes. Whatever you're wearing, I think a thin black patent belt would look excellent
  12. I don't have any suggestions but I must say, those shoes are so very very sexy! Good choice! :drool:
  13. The obvious choice is a black dress or skirt. Also white/ivory dress or skirt or pants..they'd look great with a light colored dress and matching dark patent bag (or belt like you're searching for).

    They would go with allot IMO :tup:
  14. THanks!!! LOve your ideas!! I actually already have those items in my closet!I will have to mix and match. I just wore them to an event with theory black eyelet dress and got many compliments, but man oh man did those spikes sink in the grass!!!
  15. I :heart: them!