(dark red reissue) please help!

  1. Hi everybody! a SA told me they are getting a dark red reissue and the price is $2,495. what size do you think is this? a 225? thanks a lot.
  2. yep it's the 225 if you're in the US.
  3. Hi! thanks for the immediate reply. Yes, it's from the US store. Is that the smallest size? ty again
  4. Yes
  5. thanks for the help. Is a 225 good only for night or it would work for day too? thanks again
  6. I thought 224 was the smallest? Or did they not make red in that size?
  7. I have not seen a size 224 in any other colors than black? any one else knows if there a 224 for 2008???

    dreamer:the one that you are describing is the size 225.
  8. I saw a 224 in gold recently.
  9. I thought it was only four sizes... 225-228. About 99% sure for the red anyways. Which would probably be the same for purple as well
  10. ^ I see. Never really thought that different colors were limited to specific sizes. Thanks for clearing up!
  11. I think there is a smaller size that sells for US$2,250 (or something like that) and it's similar to the old 224. It comes in at least purple, navy, gold and silver. Nordstrom has the 224. I have no idea if the red comes in this 224 size though. Only France will know.

    Whether 225 works well for work and night depends very much on how much stuff you usually carry in your bags. Some people (i.e. my sis) can survive on their mobile phone + wallet + small make-up bag + ipod. Some people (i.e. me) carry their entire stamps collection plus a kitchen sink in their bags.

    In any event, if you are going to use it for work, you can always put your extra stuff in another business-looking bag in case 225 cannot hold everything. That's what I do when I feel like carrying a smaller handbag.

    All my 2.55s are of medium size (formerly known as 226) and I pick that size (ok, an SA in Paris picked it for me 2 years ago) as it is a balance between my kitchen sink habbit and my own size. I am a midget and a large or extra large 2.55 will overwhelm me. I recently tried on the large navy and the extra large red. I looked ridiculous...! :yucky:

  12. thanks a lot for the info:smile:
  13. By any chance does anyone know the price for the 226 size?
  14. $2695 for sz 226.