Dark red reissue pic

  1. Hi~
    here is a clear pic from a HK magazine about the dark red reissue, here will have the most largest size sell in HK, but I think it's really big for me (however, i still ask my sales to hold one for me) in fact I love the size 226 more, but we have no choice in HK. here is a more clear pic about such 2.55 bag which is adjacent with the navy blue 2.55 too~
    there's an other news from this magazine about the "Mobile Art" exhibition. will start from HK and will come along with two special designed 2.55 bag which Karl will sign inside the flap too~ looking forward to see the pic if there's any new will updated to you all~
    again~ very excited that HK will be the first station of the "Mobile Art" exhibition~:wlae::wlae::wlae:

    with flash:

    without flash:
  2. Love it! This may be a choice for me since apparently the the dark brown will not be available in the US.

    The Mobile Art exhibit sounds really cool!
  3. oh lovely! i've been waiting to see more clearer pics of the dark red reissue. thanks so much for sharing! cnt wait to finally get a hold of this purse:drool:
  4. Little wonder since HK is so forward in fashion! =)

    I wanna go HK again soon, perhaps in Apr! hee hee...looking forward!

    tks for posting
  5. Lovely color...thanks for posting it!
  6. yummy! I miss those magazines....:heart: the metallics
  7. thanks for posting this! :smile: the red is really yummy! going by the measurements, i think that red is probably a "228", and the navy blue a "227", or what they used to be known as. :smile:
  8. thanks so much for posting !:flowers:
  9. Thank you for posting!
  10. O * M * G !! ~ that gorgeous red !! ............. O * M * G !! ~ that gold h/w :sad: ~ lol! ~ gorgeous pics!
  11. that's such a gorgeous metallic red! thanks for posting
  12. Thanks for posting! I love that red!
  13. does anyone know when this bag will be available in the US?
  14. Hey Toni, it should start arriving in stores anytime between now and March. Only Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman ordered the dark red 2.55 (none of the Chanel boutiques).
  15. It does look metallic in that picture. So pretty.