Dark Red Patent?

  1. Need opinions here. I've found two patent bags. One in a deep red and one in aubergine. Both colors are gorgeous. But both bags are Francesco Biasia "Star Crazy." I don't usually carry patent and I'm not sure of the gold hardware on these bags. Would love opinions on color as well as FBiasia. Have never carried any of their bags. OR if anyone knows of a great bag in a deep red patent would love to know. TIA.
  2. Sarah -- Thanks so much! She also has a gray one that I was looking at so I guess I dump both as options. I know nothing about this line. Can you tell me what you are seeing on the second bag?
  3. biasia bags are awesome and truly last forever - i just picked up the red ont today at Nordies (on sale!) and it is such a gorgeous deep red! my first patent bag that i am going to keep! and the aubergine one looks authentic to me...i too wonder why you say it is a fake, sarah? i dont think that biasias are faked at all.
  4. I'm currently lusting after the Biasia Diva Dream line in patent, so I think you should definitely grab one when you can :smile:
  5. I don't know so much about the patent but I do love Biasia bags. I think it's very good quality for a really good price.
  6. Biasia bags are good value for money. I bought one two years ago, nice, soft brown leather, good, strong lining. I use it quite often in winter and it is still perfect as the day I bought it. I had no idea there are fake Biasia around, since in Italy this brand is not that expensive. Nobody would bother with fake ones ...