Dark red patent Betty on NM now!

  1. I know I read today or yesterday that someone really wanted one! go!
  2. Wow. :wtf: I just checked and it appears the ONLY sale bag left is the Ivory Tracy. Could I be searching wrong? Yikes, I think they just pulled them all off.
  3. I've been checking for hours and I keep missing everything. I am in Taiwan working now and it is just after lunch - and I STILL can't keep up with the night owls who must have several computers going at once. Who else is out there besides PF'ers???? Today I am hunting for the small red Betty patent satchel nfor my sister. Yesterday I could have gotten it. Two hours ago I could have gotten it except that I can't be purse crazy ALL the time. I have to work to AFFORD to buy these darn things.
  4. I did get an email for NM saying that it was the last days of the "Last Call" online. It really looks like they are taking things off. I can't believe they sold all those bags since yesterday morning.
    Perhaps they are sending them to the Last Call stores already.
  5. I check NM a few times a day, but I missed this bag. Anyone on here get it??? What an awesome deal!
  6. How much was it selling for??