dark red muse on sale for $934

  1. Neimans in Las Vegas has a dark red large muse on sale for $934.00. Its GORGEOUS!!!! Please call handbags and ask for VEENA...tell her anna sent you. That NM also takes VISA.

    good luck
  2. hi i am from sydney australia do you have a phone number i can call? :smile:
  3. Is dark red the only color on sale? I'm looking for oak or orange (biscotti), do you know, by any chance, if any of those colors are on sale? TIA
  4. I do know you can look up at ysl.com and find boutique near you to call them. YSL Houston had the orange yesterday. Call and ask for Ricardo or Michael..

    Also try Nordstrom Mall of America, ask for Toni in designer handbags. You can find the number onthe Nordies website. Good luck