Dark Purple Signature?

  1. Sooo, my Coach addiction has been leaked. Haha.

    I have become resident Coach expert in my department of the hospital. I had a nurse stay after shift change to ask me about a bag. Only problem.. is that I don't know the answer!!!! :crybaby:

    Remember the Holiday Patchwork from errr... around '05? It had the ocelot print in the mix?! There is a dark dark purple signature (what looks maybe like suede) patch on there that a girl I work with is just drooling over.

    Did Coach ever make a purse just out of that one fabric? I mean.. I know the "concept" behind the patchwork tote.. but have never seen a bag made totally out of that particular fabric.

    Thought you guys would DEFINATELY be able to help.
  2. I looked on eBay and actually found that same bag.. maybe it's just the photos that I have found of the patchwork... but it looks a little different. ?!?!

    Maybe someone has one IRL that can help?