Dark Purple Serena at eluxury.com

  1. Serena's a discontinued style.

    (pictures of Cream Serena)
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    Marc Jacobs Collection
    Smooth Calf Serena $990.00
    SALE PRICE: $599.00

    Shaped like a petite vintage bowler's bag, Marc's luxurious little Serena gets a richly polished look with impossibly smooth and supple calf leather and shiny brass hardware. Decorative topstitching completes the vintage chic look. With a surprisingly roomy interior.

    Smooth, supple calf leather with decorative topstitching
    Polished brass hardware
    Curved top zipper with oversized brass pull finished with leather tie with brass knobs
    Smooth leather handles with 4.5" drop
    Fine twill lining with patch pocket and brass Marc Jacobs plaque
    Protective metal feet
    11.5" x 6.25" x 6.25"
    Made in Italy
    p10856988_ph_hero.jpg p10856988_ph_detail_07.jpg p10856988_ph_detail_08.jpg
  2. Oh dear... bag.lover, you're such an enabler!!
    Must stay away.
  3. Oh my. I wonder what the purple looks like. I'm dying for a purple bag!
  4. Oh god, why did you post this? Thank goodness it's not blue, then I'd be really stuck. Purple I can resist. I think. Gah!
    This place is sooooooooooooooooooo bad for my savings account!
  5. I have a feeling it's a return, because I was really debating about getting this bag on elux back when it first went on sale for this price in Dec/Jan. Then they sold out and the bag disappeared from the site all this time...strange that it suddenly re-appeared out of nowhere. I actually was debating it again when I saw it on the site again last night...it's soooo gorgeous!! But I've spent way too much on Gucci lately...*sigh*...

    Congrats to whoever got it though...if it was a PFer...it's SUCH a beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!
  6. If it's a return, it's still not going to be in new condition right?

    They don't accept used returns for resale, do they?