Dark Purple Boy Yah or Nay?

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  1. I saw this gorgeous dark purple Boy in new medium size at NM today.. Was really tempted but was a little not sure.. I'm a sucker for purple bags! What do you think? Yah or nay? This photo definitely does not do the color justice.. it is a very dark purple with purple stitching..
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  2. I love purple bags (see my avatar) but this looks more brown than purple. If it truly is purple, I personally would grab it but if it's more brown, I would pass. I actually think purple is a versatile color - esp purples that lean towards eggplant/wine color.
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  3. Beautiful. I prefer that it's not a bright purple and more of a dark plum shade.
  4. It's beautiful! I have a purple plum bag (not a Chanel still saving up for one) and I was surprise how well it went with my wardrobe. If YOU Love it GO for it. Of course I may be enabler!
  5. It's GORGEOUS!
  6. i think it's gorgeous, and best if its with SHW!
  7. I think it's gorgeous too !
  8. Im not in love with this colour, but I havent seen it in person so not sure...
  9. Not my cup of tea ... but then again I'm not really into purples; I think I would prefer this one with RHW
  10. +1 regarding the hardware. And I am not sure I like this shade of purple...it almost looks muddy (?), but ruthenium hardware might help with that.
  11. Saw this at the boutique and it is purple/plum, though it looks brownish in this photo. If you love the GHW and the size (though for my frame, I'd go with old medium and I prefer RHW or silver), go for it!
  12. Personally, I would prefer the old medium size too.. but they didn't have that in the boutique.. nor do they have it with the RHW.. :sad: When I carry it, I was really tempted because it looked really good on and I'm a sucker for purple.. I already said that! :P
  13. Maybe let your boutique check the inventory in other boutiques in the region? Don't get it if your not sure about the new medium size (imo).
  14. The color is nice (looks like there's a sheen to it), though I don't really like it with gold hardware.
    As much as I love some colors, I usually won't go for a "light" color in lambskin.
  15. In the picture the purple looks washed out and muddy. Maybe better better in person?