Dark Olive seen in person today at NM!

  1. NO OLIVE in it at all. It's PERFECT Just what I was hoping for. A TRUE DEEEEEEP Dark brown. NO red undertones and no green undertones. Just luscious brown. They recieved 1 style this morning. Think it was the bowling. I am waiting patiently now for the day. My SA was unsure what they were getting that color in but at least now I know not to use my Truffle Day as I will be exchanging it for the Dark Olive. It's beautiful. Oh and as I was leaving I spotted a Rouge VIF City (the only one they had in a glass showcase) Eeeeek I bought it! I don't even like red but it was just calling out to me.

    Thanks for letting me ramble.:yes: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Sounds cool - Can't wait to see the dark olive. Congrats on the Rouge City. I am waiting patiently for my courier.
  3. This is a photo of the bag from my cell phone. It's pretty bad. Sorry but as you can see it almost looks black. (my rouge city behind it)
    dark olive.jpg
  4. congrats on the rouge vif city!! it's a gorgeous color!! :love:

    i saw one brown city at NM in newport beach and it was extremely veiny :yucky: was the dark olive veiny? or was it smooth like the rouge vif?? :angel:
  5. It was very smooth
  6. Z&J - was this NM in GSP? Did they have a lot of B bags?
  7. yes, I just got back. Not too many. They received this dark olive bag this morning but still have what was left from an old shipment. Anything specific you were looking for? Maybe I can tell you if they had it.
  8. that's funny b/c I was just going to ask if it was Short Hills or GSP?
  9. Sorry, it was GSP. Not too many. Caramels, black, sapin, truffles and a few Grenats besides the 1 dark olive (black too)
  10. is this a 2006 pre-fall or fall color??
  11. Fall/ Winter color
  12. congratssssss on your new bag!!!!:yahoo: :wlae: