Dark Olive IRL?

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  1. I'm a little confused on the dark olive. I just ordered the Dylan Medium from LB in Dark Olive and the pictures look pretty dark, but then when I look at the pictures of the Alex Zipp Speedy in Dark Olive, it looks lighter.

    Does anyone have the dark olive?
  2. I owned the Dark Olive medium tote before I exchanged it, so I tried to find some pics for you that I felt were a true representation.

    These pics are from revolveclothing.com. This is not the medium tote (I didn't like those pics) but these pictures are the closest to the true color. Check out the streaks in pic #3...mine had streaking on the front.

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  3. Yikes...it's a lot darker than I thought. I may exchange for a different color. It should be delivered tomorrow, so we'll see.
  4. ^^Did your dark olive LP arrive? What do you think of the color?
  5. Are there two different colors: Olive and Dark Olive? The style is Alex Corset. Thanks.
  6. I just ordered the same bag, same color too. Olive looks so pretty. Saw it on Aster Alice $185 but no returns. I found the same bag on Amazon $198, costs more (not much) but in case I'm not in love I can send it back w/ free return shipping. I do alot of returns.
  7. ^^I don't blame you for purchasing from Amazon. I like to know that I can return something. I also return quite a bit. ;)
  8. I love this bag! SO smushy and comfy to wear IMO! I hope you love it too and if you don't return it! :smile:
  9. I received my Alex Corset in Dark Olive yesterday from Amazon & carried it today, wasting no time. This is what I describe as an "easy" bag. Easy to carry, easy to get into, and appears to be easy-care leather. It is slightly pebbly and looks low-maintenance unlike my teak Dylan which requires a little more fuss & care it's that super-smooth luxe leather. There are streaks in the dye that are really not that noticeable at all, I guess since it is a dark color. I should have paid more attention to the close-up pictures as the description like usual on Amazon was not correct. The top does not zip, it has a single leather-covered-magnet closure. And the inside has only one zippered pocket, no utility pockets as they call them. But it's definitely worth the sale price I paid.
  10. We're bag twins! I love mine too! The only thing that bugs me is that there are no utility pockets. Bizarre! Anyways, Let's see some modeling pics!
  11. I am so technically-challenged with the photos, but I have that on my list of things to improve-upon. I'll try again.
  12. Congratulations jroger1! I am a fan of the dark olive. To me, its more of a neutral and goes with so much more! Hope you figure out the pictures (I always upload them as attachments.) as I'd love to see it.