Dark neutral city: bordeaux/grenat vs. ink


Ink vs. bordeaux /grenat city

  1. Ink

  2. Bordeaux / Grenat

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  1. I love the black city that I got for my birthday but really miss having a city in a color. There are currently ink and bordeaux cities on ebay that I'm considering bidding on. Which would be better as a dark neutral color?

    I should say I'm partial to blues and love the idea that ink could work like black or blue. I don't ordinarily like purple but think the purple tones that ink can take on are really nice.

    On the other hand, I have always wanted a bordeaux bag and think it would work with everything I wear. If I didn't win the bordeaux city I could look for a grenat city. Some of the grenat bags I've seen look quite a bit like bordeaux and I'll be in NYC next weekend so could probably check out Bal NY.

    If it matters, I have dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, and complexion on the fair side. I would want the bag to go with jeans, black, gray, brown, and some blues and pinks. I think both colors would work for me, but I am wondering about the ink with brown, which I wear quite frequently.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How about Blueberry? it matches well with any outfit.;)
  3. I actually had a blueberry city and sold it to buy the black city. Although I loved the color, it somehow didn't seem quite right for me.
  4. i voted for bordeaux/grenat, since i think it's more versatile and interesting than ink. i'd rather get a black bbag than an ink.
  5. I love INK, but since you already have a black one I would go for grenat.
  6. I voted bordeaux too, since you already have black! Good luck on your search!
  7. Thanks for your opinions.

    If I were to get the ink, I would probably sell the black. I agree it probably wouldn't make sense to keep both.
  8. Knowing me, I'd get BOTH! :nuts:

    sorry, I'm really no help :upsidedown:
  9. Not really helpful but it made me smile.:yes:
  10. True! I did get both, in multiples!

    Your questions is a touch one for me because you hit on my two favorite colors. But I wouldn't Bordeaux a neutral color. It's a flashy color, and gorgeous through and through. The ink is more neutral and I think would go very nicely without your complexion and hair. I voted for ink if you're looking for neutral, and because I think that color is just more unique, has more characater... you don't see that color too many places, on anything.

    You can't go wrong with either.
  11. Thanks for your input. They are both gorgeous colors, although I agree Ink is more unique.

    I should have worded the question more clearly that if I can only own one city (black, bordeaux, or ink) which should it be? I may have to sell the black city to fund either of the other bags.
  12. citychris- honestly, i think bordeaux/grenat is more verstile because it goes with shades of browns as well as black. ink doesn't really go with browns. i had both colors. i kept my bordeaux and sold my ink.... and got black instead. also, most of the ink i've seen (including my own) had very thin and veiny leather. good luck on your decision.
  13. I second that, and for the same reason
  14. OH OK, only one? hmmm... I would have to vote for INK then :smile:
  15. Ooops, sorry,I didn't see that.

    In that case I would keep the black city which is the most "goes with everything" even though it sounds less satisfying on the color side.

    And I would maybe start saving for the next one...