Dark Metallic Totes??

  1. Hi! I'm new to Chanel bags and unfortunately don't have one in my state :tdown: but I'm going to other states next month which have Chanel (YAY!) :yes:

    I'm considering purchasing one of the totes, thinking a Medallion, but am wondering what colours it comes in, I'm hoping for a dark silver metallic or maybe a black metallic looking one. I tried looking in the reference section but couldn't find any.

    Also thinking the Cambon tote (sorry if I've spelt this wrong!!) I looked through the reference library and saw the black on black, white on black and vice versa the black on pink and the black on beige and a khaki style one, just wondering if there are any other colours.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks so much :smile:
  2. look through the metallic reference thread. Really there's not many metallic totes available now.
    A few have been:
    Cotton Club
    Le Marais
    Luxury Ligne