Dark marks on Indian Summer Marcie

Oct 11, 2013
I've mentioned this in another post but thought i would ask you ladies in the Chloe section.

I use Collonil spray and have the gel which i use on my bags, i usually go for darker coloured bags but Chloe have had some gorgeous orange colours in the paraty and marcie which i just couldn't resist but anyway i sprayed my Indian Summer Marcie before using just like i do with all my bags. I've barely used it. The first time i took my Marcie out i went to the bank. Was out for about half an hour but was only in the bank 5 minutes. The rest of the time my bag was sitting on the seat, which is clean, i went back home and there was a dark mark on the back, which luckily i managed to remove with the Collonil gel. The next day i went out again just for an hour and came back with a dark mark in exactly the same place but this time there were a couple of more marks. I really don't understand it seems like the more i baby my bags the more they will get dirty.

Does anyone have any tips to keep the leather clean or is it just Collonil, Apple e.t.c



Sep 12, 2011
Brussels, Belgium
I don't see any marks on the leather?
I don't think the thick pebbled leather shows dirt easily, even in lighter colours.
If I ever see a bit of dirt on the edges of my light pink Paraty I carefully use a rubber on it. It works perfectly.
Oct 11, 2013
Sorry the dirt mark was on the back of the bag but i cleaned it with Collonil gel. I just posted a pic of my bag to show you the colour.

I took the bag out again today and found a dirt mark on the back again in exactly the same spot. Must be rubbing sonewhere. Very annoying!