Dark Magic

  1. A natural redhead, Lindsay Lohan breaks from her fiery ways and tones down with dark brown locks for the second time this year
  2. I guess the Angelina Jolie trend is catching on... Britney, Cameron (but she's probably doing it for a movie), now LiLo... as a brunette myself, I love it!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Which look do you prefer?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. dont for get britney and solonge( beyounces sister) has all so come to the dark side
  6. Nicky Hilton works better as a blonde, IMHO.
    I do like Britney with dark hair, though. I think it looks very sophisticated on her. La Lohan loooked pretty good as a brunette, too.
  7. I think Lindsey looks best in her natural color. Britney's hair is naturally darker (med brown, I think), and I think she looks better w/dark hair, too.
  8. i think everyone looks nice with dark... aslo its nice for the winter
  9. I like LiLo looks good with the dark hair. I agree her natural color looks good too.
  10. Nicky's eye color pops with the dark hair
  11. Brunettes have more fun IMO....
  12. I'm not a big Lindsay fan, but I think she can pull off most hair colors. I liked her most as a redhead, but I think she looks great as a blonde and a brunette!
  13. I think Nicky, and LiLo look great with the dark. But the dark on Britney looks so horrible IMO, I guess she will always look trashy to me.
  14. i like her with her new haircolor...she changes her haircolor ALOT..I'd hate to think of all the damage that's done to her hair.
  15. ^^^If it's done right, the damage is minimal if any. Remember Linda Evangelista with all her diff. hair colors?