Dark LV handles

  1. Hello,
    I've been a lurker for quite a few months on PF and I read that you can undarken the leather on LV using diaper wipes or Magic Erase but you need to condition it. DO any baby wipes work? The kind I have has aloe in it. Also, what do I condition with afterwards?

    Thank you everyone!:flowers:
  2. If the darkness comes from dirt, yes, but you will need to condition afterwards since stuff like magic eraser dries the leather out. Otherwise, the patina is here to stay so enjoy ! ;)
  3. I tried Huggies Baby Wipes with aloe on my one-year-old bag, and to me, there's not much of a difference. I did notice that while I was scrubbing the leather, there were lotsa yellowish stuff and also red things coming off. I'm assuming that the yellow marks are dirt and that the red ones are from the staining on the side. After, I let it dry for 24 hours, and kinda noticed that the leather became slightly more darker/honey-coloured....:shrugs:
  4. dont use baby whipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just whip egg whites untill frothy (not meriengue!!) just foamy and then take a small paint brush that you would use to paint a picture or something and evenly distribute along the piping and handles then wait overnight untill the egg whites dry on the leather then depending on how dark you want the leather take some massage oil no vegetable oil or anything like that just get massage oil and again evenly paint the oil on the leather to your desired taste after you have finished painting then wipe the oil off with a damp cloth believe me this works extremely well i know it sounds a little strange but this will make your bag look absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have done it and i also have used it with many of my friends lV bags it works amazing wonders!!
  5. I think she wants to undarken the leather, not darken it.
    Personally I wouldn't try anything edible on my bags...:shrugs:
  6. I tried the Magic Eraser on an older bag - it did take out the dirt but stripped the leather of its natural oils. I would stick with baby wipes - much gentler on the leather and works great!
  7. Thanks!

    What should I condition with?
  8. A lot of members here use Apple Leather Care, I believe...and I have ordered a bottle myself too :smile:
  9. Yup, Apple Leather Conditioner is awesome and also gently cleans the leather. Couldn't live without it!
  10. sorry about that i thought you wanted to darken i must not have read it if you really want to underdarken it so much than you can always go to louis vuitton boutique and replace handles and leather
  11. How much is it to replace handles?

    Also, I can only find Apple Guard online, do they sell it in stores anywhere?
  12. ^ I bought mine for like $5 at Burlington Coat Factory if there is one of those near you =)
  13. daytimer.com has the appleguard

    I think its about 300$ to replace the handles and attached leather

    Jojo can jump in her as she has everything replaced on her bag and its just like brand new.