dark lining in Gryson bag

  1. I'm enjoying my Gryson Olivia. For the most part it's very functional with the short and long straps, outside zip compartment. But with the dark lining sometimes it's like a black hole...hard to find stuff. I try to organize my things well and get bright colored accessories but still sometimes have a problem, particularly since the bag doesn't have a lot in interior compartments. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. That's weird. My bag is a light ivory suede lining. Although dark would be easier to take care of without worry of staining! Maybe purskets some people on the forum use?
  3. My bag is dark brown with dark brown lining. I probably do prefer the dark lining in that it won't show dirt like the lighter color would. But it's just like a black hole when you're holding the bag and trying to find something in there quickly. Guess you can't have it both ways!
  4. I use a chameleon purse organizer inside my woven Olivia. I really love it. I am able to find things so much easier and switching into another bag is completely effortless. I adore the look of the Olivia and now have the convenience of a compartmentalized bag thanks to the chameleon. I also find that the woven Olivia looks better with more inside to support it's structure. The problem with that is that is is a heavy bag to begin with.....this was a dilema for me until I began using the chameleon. The slight structure of this insert helps support the bag making it look its best without any added weight! Love my woven Olivia and my Chameleon!