Dark/light Denim?

  1. I got really excited having the baggy and now I'm really into denim and I want to know more about this line.

    I wonder what happened to the other speedy, it looks really faded. will this happen to our denim bags?or was it really the original color when it was purchased??TIA

    (Photo from thebaghag.blogspot.com)
  2. Me and my Sis have the Neo Speedy. I noticed that mine is a bit lighter even though it's new and worn once. She wears hers all the time and was one of the earlier ones made. Remember that because of the unique washing process, no two bags are alike.
  3. My neo speedy and mini pleaty have different shades of blue, one is more washed-out but somehow it looks "cooler", and the other is a more solid color, a deeper blue, but it looks less "cool", it's hard to explain :smile:
    But yeah when I chose the mini pleaty in the boutique I asked for the darkest blue they had and there were recognizable differences in the color!
  4. so which one do you prefer the lighter or darker?Im really annoyed that a friend commented that the light one looks fake(i don't know if she's talking about my bag)but when i saw someone carrying a fake its in a darker shade.But then I try to ignore knowing i have the real thing but sometimes it still makes me think.
  5. The fake ones are much darker mostly. I prefer the slightly darker, less washed-out version.
  6. Its denim, denim fades ( just like jeans)

    I havent used mine much, its in the closet in its dust cover and under a ton of shirts.. I'm sure in time i will fade too.

  7. ok thanks for sharing your thoughts
  8. Mine is more similar to the lighter one. But whenever i go to stores they dont always have the same shade.
  9. Hmmm .... good point. :yes:

    I didn't think the denim bags faded that much but now I know.

    Either way, in my opinion, they still look gorgeous faded. :heart:

  10. yeah jeans fade but thats because of washing right? anyway, i hope our bags won't fade that much in time.
  11. ^Unique stonewashing so no two are alike.