Dark Lemon Color - Small Rodeo

  1. Has anyone seen this small Rodeo in Dark Lemon IRL?
    Is it pretty :tup: or sorta blah :tdown:

  2. chicbags - I really like the style - especially since I saw the thread on how to convert this type of strap into a messenger. The yellow color doesn't do anything for me. Now if it were in python....
  3. I haven't seen this one irl, but I bet it looks better in person than in the stock photo. It reminds me of Greenie's lime Rasia, and hers is so pretty!
  4. THAT is what it reminds me of! I knew I had seen something familiar posted here! :yes:

    Now python, yes, that would be a :drool: bag!
  5. Haven't seen it IRL, but on the pic it looks quite cute to me.