Dark khaki

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  1. Anyone seen the dark khaki color for Pre-Fall 2016?

    What do you think?

    Is it a versatile color to match or limited in use? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464976942.735008.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464976986.428928.jpg

  2. Hello, one of my SAs sent me this. This is the gold bar handle bag for $3400

  3. Thanks for sharing! What do you think of the color? Is it limited edition color or a color that Chanel will do from time to time?

  4. I like the color. I think it is good neutral color and Chanel doesn't seem to come out with a lot of them outside of the black, beige, red and navy. I don't know if it is a limited edition color though. I am waiting to see the bag I posted in burgundy. I did put my name on the list for both the dark khaki and burgundy and hope to decide on one once I see it. I hope this was helpful
  5. I think it looks nice and gives off vintage feeling. I saw it on the website and can't wait to see the real one. I'm not sure about the boy bag in this color though.
  6. I like it better in the handle bags and less on the boy - not sure why. There almost seems to be a greenish tint to the boy bag --

  7. I'm waiting to see IRL as well....

    Glad that you brought up the "vintage" feel... Didn't think of it before but yes totally!

  8. Yes! Your opinion is helpful! Glad that Chanel doesn't seem to do this color often

  9. I agree! It looks elegant on the handle bags...

    For some reason, I see olive greenish color in all...
  10. I LOVE this color but only in the trendy CC with the lambskin, I saw it today at Bergdorf's and fell in love. It's the perfect shade, in the crinkled glazed bags I wasn't such a big fan honestly... too dark.

  11. Did you go for it? Would love a mod shot if you did...
  12. I like this but it's probably a bit dark for me. In general I feel like Chanel does not do as many browns as they should. I love a light brown bag.... Beige is too light and camel never looks good with my skintone.
  13. I love the color so much, here is mine.

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  14. More...

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  15. Looks great on you! Thank you for sharing!