Dark khaki or red?

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  1. I'm leaning towards dark khaki because I think it will be more versatile. Since Fall items started rolling in, I'm waiting to make sure nothing else catches my eye before I pull the trigger. Good luck!
  2. dark khaki! For sure :smile:
  3. image.jpeg Thank you for your votes! I've decided on the dark khaki! So in ❤️!
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  4. ^^^^beautiful!
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  5. Good call on choosing the khaki colour!
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  6. I want to say red, as I love Chanel reds, but for this style I prefer khaki
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  7. I'm a sucker for red all the time but somehow the khaki seems to look better on you. It gives off a chic and elegant vibe.
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  8. I agree! This style looks better with darker tones. Thank you for your votes! I'm glad I decided on the dark khaki! It's definitely more versatile.
  9. Yay!!! such an elegant bag!!! lots of mod shots in action :smile:
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