Dark khaki or red?

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  1. For this design, I like the khaki.

  2. I've seen the blue. It's gorgeous! But I just got a navy boy this year... So it would be too close...

  3. I was worried about the khaki looking too mature... I'm still young!

  4. Oh no! Don't want to bias you with my outfit... Would like to know which color looks best w cc trendy design...
  5. Khaki
  6. same here, Khaki gets my vote
  7. Khaki gets my vote! It looks better on you and with your wardrobe!
  8. Definitely khaki! Let us know which you choose.
  9. khaki

  10. I'm surprised by your responses! I thought purse forum loves Chanel reds. Do you think red works better on another style perhaps?
  11. Both bags are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with whatever choice you make. I think the red will age better in this particular model. Good luck with your choice!
  12. Red. I love the handle! It's more classy when hand hold!
  13. I would go for the color that doesn't come around too often; I'd go for the khaki, it's really pretty. It seems more understated than mature.
  14. What did you decide? I have my own dark khaki vs burgundy dilemma with the gold bar flap bag with handle [emoji36]
  15. Personally, I find this elegant style works better with darker tones. The red has much more of a ketchup red tone to it in my opinion so my vote is Khaki between these two. and... no, I don't think khaki looks too mature. however, I do find the style itself is more classy ladylike vs trendy (despite the name).
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