Dark khaki or red?

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  1. Dear purse forum readers,

    I need your help once again. I'm looking to purchase trendy cc in medium size and can't decide between red or dark khaki. (Think of dark khaki as trendy cc... They only had the WOC at the boutique at the time)

    Which one do you vote for? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465593832.652162.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465593847.344474.jpg
  2. oh man this is tough. I say dark khaki. Chanel doesnt come out with these colors often and I think you can always get a red.

  3. That's a tough one (I like red although I agree that the khaki is harder to come by). I'm just speculating here, but based on the colours you're currently wearing in the pic , the khaki seems to work with your wardrobe.

  4. Haha you're right! I do have a lot of black, blue, green and ivory in my wardrobe so khaki would probably be more practical!
  5. Normally I love red, but the khaki looks nice with your hair colour and overall look.
  6. Khaki looks good, usually I would say red but the khaki seems more versatile
  7. Agree with others, normally I would say red too but khaki looks good on you.
  8. I like the khaki better!
  9. Khaki
  10. I gotta go with Khaki! The red is nice also ..but there is something about the Khaki color and your clothing that just works!
  11. Vote for khaki!
  12. I don't like the khaki one, it looks dated, the red on the other hand is very cute~!
  13. Khaki gets my vote!!
  14. I have the blue! Try check it out if they have. Its absolutely gorgeous!
  15. I prefer the red.