Dark Indigo MP & Bright Blue Blake?

  1. MJ store in Boston has both Large Multipocket ($950) and Multipocket ($895) in Dark Indigo; this Fall 2004 color features silver hardware, maroon stitching/suede_lining. In addition, there is a Blake in Bright Blue featuring silver hardware and pink suede lining. If interested , please call 617-425-0707 and ask for Alfredo.

    Dark Indigo with maroon stitching/lining:
    (source: ebay/prnausicaa)


  2. bag.lover do you have a pic of the bright blue? I'd love to see that.
  3. Wow, great colors! If only Christmas weren't a month away!
    I'm so selfish, I want all these bags, and I should be buying gifts for others!
  4. He took the pictures for me, but sent them to the wrong e-mail address earlier today. AHHH!!!! E, are you interested? I will forward you the pictures when I get them.
  5. Wanting is okay, buying is another thing. =)
  6. true...if I bought everything I wanted DH might be a little upset that we'd have to move into a cardboard box...
  7. bag.lover I am! I just don't know what bright blue looks like.
  8. ^ I e-mailed him already, he'll re-send the pictures tomorrow. I'll PM you when I get them. =)
  9. Bag.Lover I was in the Boston MJ store at about 6:30PM on the 21st. One of the sales reps was on the phone with a client and pulling out that exact indigo large MP.

    Was he talking to you?? Small world.

    I love the indigo. Almost bought the indigo zip clutch from Boston and though I might die when I saw the large indigo MP come out of the bag....
  10. wow, I may have to go back to buying a MJ bag now, I LOVE the blue with the contrast stitching!
  11. I believe so, what a coincidence. =)
  12. I received the picture, it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let me upload the picture for you.
  13. i love that indigo. beautiful! thanks bag.lover
  14. Spring 2004's Bright Blue Blake =)

    (source: picture taken by MJ_Boston's Alfredo)