Dark Grey Work - To Keep or Not to Keep

  1. Hey ladies, I just bought today the work bag in the dark grey from the spring collection at Barney's in Manhattan. I'm trying to decide if i like the work bag at all, b/c it seems so canvernous. i usually don't carry that much stuff, but there are times when i do have a smaller bag that i was carrying a big one to fit everything in just one bag.

    i already own a city and a purse, but i don't own a work. and
    i really wanted the deep grey b/c it's a color i don't have in any designer style.

    does the work get filled up over time? do you get used to the space? is the work bag worth buying? what do you put in there, other than essentials?

    should i return it if i'm not going to use up all that space? the saleslady was nice, she told me if i didn't like it after trying it out to just bring it back. b/c these are expensive bags!

    i LOVE the color though, it goes with many an outfit, even a dressy one.
  2. If it seems too big, i'd scale back to a city. The city is still a very roomy bag, but not as huge looking as the work. If you purchased the bag for work i.e. you'll be filling it with folders and files and papers and then the usual purse stuff then you should be fine.
  3. i think the work looks better when it is not overly stuffed. i like the slouchiness when it is half-filled. try it out and if it still doesn't feel right then return it.
  4. Any chance of pics, Babyhart?

    Ya dark grey Work sounds like SUCH a fab alternative to a black Work that I want to get! :yes:
  5. actually i should take a picture! i'll post tomorrow morning... check back to see what it looks like on!
  6. Can't wait!!!
  7. babyhart, definitely post pics. i see from your avatar that you have a child. i have a toddler girl and i love the work because i can put all mine and my daughter's stuff in it. but if you have to think of things to fill it up, then maybe you should get the grey in a smaller style.
  8. i agree with esile! the work is such a wonderful style filled or not heehee. loveeee my works
  9. I love the grey!!!! I've never tried on a work so can't help with that - although it's too much money to spend on a bag that you're not 100% comfortable with.
  10. Work is my favorite size. What I like is you can fill it with stuff and it still retains its shape. I've been able to fit a lot of stuff in my work...like a cardigan, 24 oz water bottle, magazines.
  11. I have a black work and I love it! I do not fill it up! I am amazed that this bag is so light and love the size. The city is just as gorgeous too so whatever you feel more comfortable with you should get.
  12. okay people so i actually returned the grey to Barney's NYC. so if anyone wants to get it, it's there. i exchanged it for the grenat work which i like better and i think b/c it's darker in color gives the illusion that the bag is "smaller".

    they have a number of grenat works left, as well as the camel, an ink, a rouille and i believe a green left.
  13. is the rouille leather very shiny and thin? thinking baout getting a rouille work though.:graucho:
  14. the rouille work actually did seem thin, thinner than the grenat. all the grenats i touched had thicker leather. the grey is on the thin side, but definitely not papery to touch like the way rouille was. the camel was nice leather, but it didn't go with my skintone. the ink i love, but i already have a purse, but it's such a versatile color.
  15. just to give you an idea of what the grey looks like, i compared to the ink purse and then put on. this is the first time i'm attaching pics so i'm sorry if it looks fuzzy and dark. gotta learn it!
    Grey Work.jpg Grey Work, Ink Purse2.jpg