Dark Grey RHW or Dark Gold RHW reissue?

  1. Hi ladies, I need some advice. Would you get the dark grey or dark gold reissue? Anyone who own both? Which one do you end up using more or find more versatile with casual wear?
  2. I have the dark gold reissue 227. I love the dark grey reissue too but didn't get that because I already have a black reissue camera bag and I find the dark grey too close to black.

    If you don't have any black reissue, I would suggest getting the dark grey. My personal preference is to collect the "basic" colours then move on to other colours.

    HTH! Good luck deciding! )
  3. I hav a black reissue 227 n I think a gold reissue wil add a pop of color to yr collection. Like wat maddie mention, dark grey is in e same color family of black. So a diff tone would b gd
  4. I like the dark gold better. Good luck deciding!
  5. I have the dark gold reissue....it is a lovely shade and I do use this reissue quite often. To me, it is nicer than dark grey, IMHO.
  6. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. It seems like dark gold would be a better choice! Thanks so much =):heart::heart:
  7. With casual, I guess dark gold would be a nicer one. Dark gray is like black. Not very interesting.

  8. hi may i ask what size is your dark gold reissue and whats the retail price? would you mind posting a photo of it we wld all love to see :smile: thanks
  9. Is dark gold reissue a classic color or seasonal ?
  10. go with the dark gold reissue. it's such a classic
  11. Dark gold is seasonal. Another vote for dark gold. Dark grey is too close to black in my mind.
  12. I vote dark gold too!
  13. dark gold reissue :biggrin: