Dark grey paddy?

  1. Hi all, does the dark grey have some dark green undertones? My mom bought our Paddington (we share everything) last August, and the sales person said it was green, but I couldn't find that color in the subforums. I tried to photograph it but the color didn't turn out the same as IRL. I suspect it may be dark grey. Help?
  2. This is mine dark grey paddy.. she has more blue undertones..
  3. oh gorgeous but i don't think that's mine. any ideas as to what color mine might be? it's fall '05.
  4. Sounds like Noir. Mine is Noir and the s/a told me it looked green sometimes.
  5. Mine is fall 05
  6. My paddy is dark grey - the tag says "noir" - it was also referred to a non-metallic anthracite - I'm looking at it right now - I guess in certain light it might have a very slight army green/grey cast to it. I think it looks bluer in the pictures than in natural light.

    Mine is an '06 bag - here's a link to some pictures:


  7. If you post pics, it would help a lot. I have a noir as well, and the undertones are blue.
  8. Mine is the dark grey from early 06 and it has some blue undertones to it. It was referred to as the new black. Is this the colour you mean?
    I absolutely love it!:heart:
    Paddy 017.jpg Paddy016.jpg
  9. I wondered if it could have been the gris vert. That has green undertones, but that was not released last August :confused1:

    hmmn will get our thinking caps on

    Edited to add:

    oh by the way, is your hardware silver or brass on your bag :smile:
  10. ...Or could it be the mousse or is it darker than this one? Mousse definitely has some greenish undertone in it, especially when I'm wearing grey with it look greenish :yes:
    1 mousse 6.JPG
  11. I'm thinking that too chloe-babe, maybe it is gris vert...hmm...
  12. Ok here's the pic. You can't really see the green here, but it looks pretty green IRL. Isn't gris vert pretty new? This bag is over a year old.
  13. ^^^ this is the Khaki color! :yes:

    NM had it on 50% off for a while.
  14. ok thanks. mystery solved. anyone else have the khaki who can confirm?
  15. I don't have the Khaki but I second hmwe's assessment! :yes: I've seen a few other khaki colored paddys and they look exactly like the pic you posted.