Dark Grey or FIG Nikki -- I Can't Decide!

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  1. I've been lemming for a Dark Grey or FIG Nikki but I can't decide which one to get. Buying both is not an option BTW! ;)

    I'm picky so my RM collection is small at the moment: Stonewash Blue MAM, Nickel Kiss & Make Up and a Capri Belle. I do have a FIG MAC on the way, but I'm eying a MAC in another color.

    DG and FIG are very similar from what I've seen so I don't think I could go wrong either way. I like the old FIG leather but I like the new FIG leather a tad bit more. I do prefer the old hardware if that helps at all. I'm also thinking about getting a Teal Nikki, which complicates matters even more. (RM needs to stop creating all of these yummy colors! ;) )

    I just can't make up my mind so thanks in advance for helping me out!
  2. DG hands down. Since you already have stonewash blue and FIG MAC (probably in new leather), DG with its sheen would be a great addition. A FIG nikki would be a duplication, imo.
  3. Ditto! Keep the FIG Mac and get DG! Unless u wanted to get FIG studded Nikki instead!
  4. ^^ My thoughts exactly! You need DG! Unless you want the studded Nikki instead!
  5. Yet another vote for DG! I like bigger bags in darker colors (makes them look a little less big).
  6. i also agree on the DG. You already have something in FIG.. get the DG!
  7. hi, novella...you're so lucky to have a stonewash blue RM! I have been looking for a nikki w/ that colar but i have not seen one! Where did u get get it? Was it a special order?
  8. As much as I like the FIG, I'm not too keen on the gold hardware that comes with it. Does DG come with silver hardware? If so, that'd be my vote!!
  9. ^^ Yup DG does come with Silver HW. And I agree with the majority, get the DG Nikki. And I find the DG is more durable with the slight sheen/glaze thats on it.
  10. DG! It will hold up with less scratching. It's stunning!
  11. I agree with the majority, go with the Dark Grey! The leather is amazing and very hardy at that! You can't go wrong!
  12. ^^ITA with Scoobiesmomma. . . DG leather is very hearty and it is such a beautiful shade of grey plus the silver hardware. . .perfection!
  13. Definitely Dark Grey! It's one of the very best RM leathers ever made and looks stunning against the silver hardware. :yes: