Dark Grey Matinee: To Be Or Not To Be

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  1. I am in the minority but I say stick with the DG. I am waiting for one too! The violet IS beautiful, definitely, but I too love silver hardware and that sealed the deal for me. That dark gray is going to look amazing with any color you could possible wear.

    That being said, I am not very adventurous with color in general. I have tried to branch out but I always come back to black, gray or brown :P
  2. Oh - you made your decision while I was typing my response! If you feel that passionately about it then it sounds like you made the right decision. You can always send it back if you change your mind again :biggrin:
  3. I think its a great choice MT! I too, :heart::heart::heart: DG...but since the mini mattie is similar in size, shape..(well sort of ) to the MAM...I would go with the Violet..
    Do you like purple????:graucho:
  4. Well I have the DG mam, matinee, nikki, and MAC. I love the DG..I don't think you can ever have too much of it :smile: I also have the deep violet mam that was exclusive to LB it is lovely too. decisions..decisions! Good luck :smile: Is it possible to order both and return one? You have 14 days to return to LB right?
  5. I knew there was someone on here that had a whole DG family. It's you!!

    It is lovely and your response has me :thinking:

    Sadly, I couldn't afford to tie up that amount of money even for a couple weeks. So it's an either or situation. Bummer, I know.

    I going to pull out the purse collection this weekend and let them decide who they want to add to the fam. It's only fair, you know.
  6. I'm sorry you're still having a hard time deciding.. Truly, either bag you end up with will be gorgeous.. Maybe when Jadise receives her DG mini matinee in a few days and posts real life pics, it will help make your decision easier...
  7. I already changed my pre-order to the Voilet. Of course, there's nothing that says I can't change back. :girlwhack:
  8. Um - they are both TDF colors, but the pictures on luna boston make me want to buy a SECOND dark gray matinee. haha, I am insane about the color -it is gorgeous in real life, goes with absolutely everything being a neutral, I like that. I wear tons of blacks and such though, a pop of color would be nice sometimes, but I love being muted. I want the new reinforced handles on mine and I'd send it in if I weren't so scared not to see my baby for 3 or more months. Wait.. I just realized it was a MINI matinee.. cute!
  9. Yes, you made a good decision -- Vintage Violet is the way to go. You said it yourself, your closet is already filled with greys and 07 DG is the best original. Violet will add a wonderful pop to your wardrobe. You won't regret it! Please post back when you get it!
  10. I think it will take more than couple of days since the bag needs to make it's way all the way across the Atlantic :biggrin:.
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