Dark Grey Matinee: To Be Or Not To Be

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  1. Ok, girls, I'm not much of a thread starter, but I am literally ping ponging back and forth over this and need some outside help. I pre-ordered the DG Mini Matinee from LB and hunkered down to eagerly await it's arrival. I had already rationalized away any qualms about buying another dark grey satchel bag because I already have the 2007 DG MAM. DG is so versatile, it's your favorite neutral, etc. etc, blah, blah, blah.

    That was all blown to hell by Tarapep's amazing Vintage Violet reveal. I'm afloat with worries that I'm backing the wrong matinee and need, need, need that Violet!


    I posted this question to the folks at LB as well, since they've seen both leathers in person...

    Dear Luna Boston,
    Oh, how I love thee for bringing in these fabulous exclusive colors. Vintage Violet and Dark Grey, just WOW!

    Now, with that said, I am in need of advise, pretty please. I pre-ordered the Dark Grey Matinee. I love grey with all my heart and soul; besides pink, my closet is filled with lots of greys. BUT I just saw an absolutely gorgeous reveal of the Violet on tPF and, well, now I’m confused.

    Here’s what I know:
    I love Silver Hardware
    I love Grey
    I have a 2007 Dark Grey MAM. Do I need the matinee in this color?

    In my situation, which would you chose?

    Talk to me. Your opinion is appreciated. And thank you!!

    P.S. Desi, if I'm in the wrong place, I'm so sorry!
  2. Since you already have a Grey MAM, I'd get the Violet Mattie for variety as much as you seem to be liking the color!
  3. yes with DG MAM in possession already I'd go for the violet!
  4. I agree. Go for the violet. If it's not love when you receive it, you can always exchenge it for the DG!
  5. :true: But I forgot to mention that the Dark Grey is my favoritest (lol) RM leather ever.
  6. I think MAM and Matinee and sort of too simliar. How about a mini beloved or a clutch?

    or go for the violet matinee.
  7. id say get both and then return the one you dont like:P (or like less)
  8. I totally sympathize with you on this! I had a Dark Grey Matinee and sold it... recently I got the Custom Purple Matinee and love it but wish the color was as deep as the new mini that's out. I say follow your intuition and go with the violet! :smile:
  9. Wow, this is a really tough call. Does the Vintage Violet work with your wardrobe? I have fallen in love with colors before but then found out the hard way that I just won't wear them no matter how much I like them because the color just somehow does not work with anything else I have.

    Even though the mini-mattie and the MAM look to have the same "footprint", I still think the mini-mattie has its organizational advantages with the multiple pockets and the mattie silhouette is still softer than that of a broken-in MAM (my DG MAM is pretty mushy but still has that boxiness).

    Maybe DG is your black and you can never have too many black bags :graucho:
  10. I am so a blah color girl....I love black...lol....but i grabbed a PH zip devote instead of the black just to add a pop of color to my collection...I have to say I am so happy that I did it....so with that being said I would totally go for the violet mini mattie....i think it is a great color from the pics I have seen...and I think it can be incorporated with a lot of ones wardrobe....
  11. Thanks, girls!:hugs: I'm definitely leaning Violet.

    My wardrobe is mostly black, grey, creams/whites, and LOTS of pink. So yes, I do think the Violet would be a good fit.

    And then I just thought of something else. I have a Plum Coach Belted Ergo that I swear I wore for an entire year or something close. I felt it went with EVERYTHING. LOL.

    Ok, I'm going to do it! I'm going Violet!!


    Zoesma, I didn't have a black bag for years and years and years. Now, I've ordered 3 in the last 6 months (or less :shame:smile:. LOL. I can't imagine why I waited so long. :shrugs:

    My credit card would come to life and slit my throat.
  12. hahaha mine would too if i did that!!! next months bill has a knife against my throat currently its real bad!!!!!
  13. ^lol. It would be nice though, to have both in my greedy little paws. :girlsigh:

    OK, it's done. I've cancelled the DG and pre-ordered the Violet. I hope I dont' kick my beee-hind later over this. But man, that violet is soooooo pretty!
  14. I just realized that I said "advise" instead of "advice" and Outlook didn't warn me about the incorrect usage! Foul! I hate that!

    ok, *wooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaah*
  15. yay!!! from your description of your clothing colors I think that the violet will fit right in and give you that pop of color....i am sure many people are going to be complimenting you on that bag!! it is gorgeous....if it came in a full size mattie it would be in my collection!! I think you made a great choice!!!
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