Dark Grey Mab

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  1. I've been trying to fight it. I'm on a selp-imposed ban right? :noggin:

    But now I don't just want this bag. I *need* it :cry:

    And It's so hard to find now too... :shame:

  2. Hey deeliciouz, I just bought one on ebay this week from a lovely tPFer! Other than Ebay, I have not seen any lately. I missed out on them too when they came out. Maybe with the new colors coming out there might be something similar to dark grey! I REALLY hope you can find one!!!:flowers: Good Luck!!
  3. LOL ban doesn't really work when it comes to RM bags! Dark Grey is a great & versatile colour. Will keep a lookout for you! But maybe the new cloudy grey is a good alternative?:yes:
  4. awww thanks stacy! :flowers: OMG congrats on getting the Dark Grey Mab on ebay! I was totally watching that as well...
  5. LOL.. I'm learning the hard way I guess: Yes, yes maybe you are right, I never even thought of that... I want to see the colors already.... I'm so excited
  6. Deeliciouz- I too, not so long ago, was on a mission to find the Dark Gray Morning After (Mini) and I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally a tpfer said that she saw one at a boutique in NY, I called and they still had it (on sale too!) and they were able to ship it to me. If you really want it you could start calling the stores that are listed on the RM website and start asking around. Chances are some small boutique still has it. Also- I think it's a little easier to find the MAB rather than the Mini which I think sell a bit faster.
    It's so hard to choose with all the yummy colors comming out but I have the Dark Gray and I love it! Good luck!
  7. I love your signature!!

    You have some beautiful red bags. I LOVE red.
  8. stacie so you were the only who snagged it.
  9. there's a grey MAB at FLL..grey, not dark grey.
    maybe you like it either?
  10. LOL I was stalking that one on eBay, too! I'll let you know If I ever come across any in the dark grey.
  11. awww dee! Don't worry one will come up somewhere! I want one too, but look on the bright side, RM has soooo many new colors to choose from! maybe you could buy TWO of those to suffice your craving for the Dark Gray!

  12. My thoughts on this bag are that 1. If you see it, buy it! and 2. Its too rare to sit and ponder about!
  13. thanks ladees.. I will have comfort myself by buying another bag or two... :lol:
  14. Dee... you are really going bag crazy here!! Hehe, I love it! :smile:
  15. ^LOL! I'm seriously addicted. To RM and the purse forum. It's crazy! I'm sitting on my hands until I see the pre-fall colors though... I've never looked forward to Mondays so much in my life before...