Dark grey jumbo lambskin

  1. If anyone is looking for a grey lambskin jumbo with the new chain, call NM in Chicago, ask for Clif. I saw this bag today and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! It's a dark grey, and in certain lighting it looks grey-blue.
  2. ^^ Wish it was caviar!
  3. me too, but then, I'd take anything in color!
  4. Is it classic chain or Bijou chain? Thanks.
  5. It is the new chain, the bijou chain. I was in tears walking away from this bag. It was so beaaaaaaaaaautiful!
  6. What was the price on this bag? TIA
  7. The price is $2395.
  8. Wow that is excellent!
  9. It is so pretty! Wish I can get it...
  10. THANKS SAPPHO, for all your help, just purchased this handbag. WIll post pix when it arrives.:yes: