Dark Green Spy Bag???

  1. Hi Im just wondering is there a dark green spy bag?
  2. do you know if there is a dark green spay bag and if it is still available?
  3. Fendi produced a forest green spy bag in SS 05 when the spy bag was first introduced. It is completed sold out (sold out back in FW 05). Here's a pic from my personal collection:
    Fendi spy green.jpg
  4. I LOVE the spy in this color!!!!!!:nuts:
  5. OMG that bag is gorgeous!!! You must love it. Never, ever part with it!
  6. I wish they would do the green again. I love it and I'm so sad I missed the boat. I think petrol and green are the two best Spy colors.
  7. I wish the same as well!!^^

    I love the green.
  8. I know Fendi is making another Spy in green, but the material is like raincoatishh. Its coming in green, black and red. Its kinda ehh..
  9. Shiney and slick?
  10. Yeah, I thought it was Patent Leather at first, but its more of a raincoat material... EHH. I mean the Spy in Patent doesnt even sound good.
  11. Oooh, where did you find out about the new Spy colors? I'd love to find out more about what's in store. I need to decide what I will buy with my tax refund.
  12. OMG its gorgeous! Im still saving up for a Spy....sooon i hope!!!!
  13. Greendrv- That bag is gorgeous!! I am seriously in love with that color :love: :love:
  14. ^It is a DREAM for me!
  15. I asked to see the look book =]

    I also saw a gorgeous spy that was black velvet? With pearl looking sequins on it that fade from top to bottom, and change in size.