Dark Green/Gold Hologram does anyone know.....

  1. Does anyone know anything about the Dark Green/Gold Hologram. Can you still get these? When did they come out. I have never seen one listed on eBay or anywhere else. Any information would be greatly received. Thanks
  2. Produced F/W 05 (same season as the copper/turquoise hologram spy). If it is still available in the boutiques, it's because it just didn't sell from that season.
  3. are you talking about this one?


    i bought this in early August, and had it shipped to me from the Manhattan boutique. if you call 800-FENDI-NY they may still be able to get one for you :yes:
  4. That is sooooo gorgeouos.
  5. She talking about the other color, not the copper/turquoise.
  6. Hi, its dark green/gold I saw it on one of Greendrv squidoo sites I have not seen one in real life but thought it was a beautiful bag. I wonder sometimes why I never see these brilliant bags in the shops I go to London quite a lot and see the lovely browns, black etc.... but never any of the really different spys. I also have never seen one of these listed on eBay.
  7. Saich, they have a stunning velvet squirrel Spy at the Fendi in Selfridges on Oxford St. (I think that's the street...?). It was the only out of the ordinary Spy I saw in any of the stores in both Florence and London.
  8. Oh I shall have to have a look I am up their Friday. The trouble is they seem to sell out of them so quickly even the Fendi store in Knightsbridge. The best place I have seen Spys is Las Vegas they have some really different ones their this year but never saw this green hologram one.
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