Dark Green Antik Cervo Bowler

  1. Here's the dark green bowler I got for 50% off at the Prada Sale. :heart:
  2. Oh, it's stunning! Really a beautiful piece. Congrats to you! :tup:
  3. YAY! I was waiting for your pic. It's a beautiful bag. That'll work as a great neutral.
  4. That's beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Beautiful bag:smile: Congrats!
  6. Prada makes the best dark green! It'll go with just about anything. Pretty bag!
  7. That is beautiful!
  8. Ack!i Loves It!!!
  9. Holy freaki Gawd!!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!! 50% off? I'm going to bed..
  10. I'm right after you Emmy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a long day -- time for a nice long bubble bath :smile: Cougess -- you have excellent taste, always !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG, I am incredibly jealous!!!! :drool: (And I don't drool often, lol!) I had no idea this bag came in dark green. My fav color!!!! You are soooo lucky to get this deal cougess. Enjoy!
  12. Beeyootiful!:tup:
  13. WOW, that is ....... just WOW!
    BIG Congratulations cougess, your Prada collection is amazing!
  14. *Love* the color cougess! Congrats & Enjoy!!! :heart:
  15. How stupid of me...after all it tells me in the title of your thread, but I just realized the color is dark green, not black! That is beautiful!!! I had no idea they made that color. Lucky you!