Dark green 226 reissue *with pic*

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  1. Here is my dark green 226 reissue.

  2. i saw the real thing in the Chanel at Bangkok airport. Its stunning! Congrats on getting her!
  3. Fairladyz,

    I like the green color a lot. Actually I have ordered a dark green 227 from NM and hope I can get the 227 size as i just found the 226 is a bit too small for me. However, i can't return the 226 anymore as i bought it from Japan!
  4. you mean you cant return to the store in your country since you bought this green one from Japan? B'cos I know LV allows but not sure if that applies to Chanel.

    226 size is good for dinner or parties since you wont need to put in much things... 227 is better for casual or daily shopping.. both size are nice in their own ways... but i still must congrats you on getting the green reissue... she is a real beauty!
  5. Fairladyz,
    Actually i only went to japan for a trip 2 weeks ago and bought the green 226 there, that's why i can't return it as i am not living in Japan, and i'm not there now.

    If i can find green 227, i will sell my 226 to consignment shop or online.
  6. sooo pretty!
  7. congratulations! ~ the green is beautiful & still my fav reissue :heart:
  8. Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Is the green similar to the dark silver? I can't really tell from the picture.
  10. Wow .. ist stunning. Congrats
  11. nice color!!!amazing~
  12. congrats

    nice bag, I just got my dark silver 226 on Monday and I'm so in love with her now.

    I think what Fairladyz was trying to say was, for LV you can exchange what you just bought to something you like better at your local LV Boutique even though you bought it from overseas. I've done it myself but I'm not sure either whether it applies to Chanel.

    I would like to say hello to Fairladyz since we are fellow SBN members in Thailand. When did you see the dark green reissue at Chanel Airport? I'll be there on March 4, just wondering if it would still be there.
  13. Love your green. So classy and beautiful!
  14. very classic and pretty!!!

    i only passed cos i had a dark silver already but im sure you'll be carrying this one for a long long time =)
  15. great bag - congrats!!