Dark Gray Matinee, Must-have bag or trendy mistake in the making?

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Matinee: Must have or trendy mistake?

  1. Yes, must have it

  2. No, it would be a trendy mistake

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  1. I thought about getting one of these bags. I thought and thought and thought until finally, I asked Sara at Luna Boston to hold one for me. Apparently it will be shipped on Monday, and now Im getting the jitters! I think the bag is adorable, I really do but I also have some nay-sayer thoughts as well.

    First, just how useful are those side slit pockets?
    Second and most importantly, I have and am trying to stay away from trendy bags, and as beautiful as the Matinee is, it is still a very trendy bag. Perhaps too trendy.

    I still have the Wine Matinee in my possession, and I am just really stuck on reaching a decision on this bag. Is it worth it? Not only in terms of price, but in longtime wearability and use, as well?

    Any thoughts are super appreciated!

    Pictured are my Wine Matinee and Missypoo's Dark Gray Matinee and her model shot of it
    40ac_12.JPG 400c_12.JPG 11-19-07%20008.jpg 11-19-07%20012.jpg 11-19-07%20009.jpg
  2. And for color reference, here are my MAM's in Wine and Dark Gray, which I undoubtedly love!
    CIMG4913.JPG CIMG4926.JPG
  3. I actually think it's quite classic but if you feel it becoming dated then you can hide the suede parts or show the suede parts kwim?
  4. If you want my honest opinion of the Matinee, it's never been one of my faves. For some reason, I don't like the fold-over flaps on the bag where the suede gets shown. It reminds me of Michael Jackson's 80's style jackets and I never liked those.

    In my opinion, the MA bags are more classy looking (too boxy for me, but still much more classy than the Matinee).

    In general, I prefer bags that aren't "long" width-wise. To me, the Matinee looks HUGE, and although Missypoo totally freakin' ROCKS, I know that the Matinee would never work for me.
  5. ^ Thank you tonij and contessa! Your opinions are much appreciated!
  6. Hi GUNG! Lucky RM girl you :biggrin:

    Ok - having a MA and a Matinee, I find myself using the Matinee more often than not because of its pockets, even if it's a bit heavier than the MA.

    I use the side slit pockets for things I need to set/put aside in a sec -- like a receipt I'll be using to claim something, a movie ticket stub, basically things that I'll need to quickly pull out. I've placed my sunglasses (wire-aviators) in it for temporary storage, careful not to "stretch" out the pockets.

    I have to be honest -- I don't use the suede rollover bits too much, because I like the Glazed Espresso leather so much haha. It's so shiny and delicious, like it was coated in dark chocolate but anyway...

    I would say, it's trendier than the MA/MA Mini but then again, it's a beautiful bag on its own. It's personal preference basically, that I like using the Matinee more than the MA... though I love both. I've been contemplating getting a second one -- so I've been looking at those with gold hardware (I'm a brass/gold hardware kind of gal), and partly also waiting for the Spring/Summer line to come out. Whichever comes first!

    Oh, and if you ever do think of selling that Wine... ;) lol but I would keep it, because that color is toooooooo lovely.
  7. I have the dark grey matinee and I adore it! I have a ton of bags, but as soon as I got this one all of my other bags went in the closet! I find myself only wanting to use this one, and I have never felt that way about a bag before! It used to be 'Oh, I like this bag, but I'm still looking for something else'. I'm done looking for my perfect bag, I've found it. All of the pockets are useful as madaboutdarcy said. Plus it's neutral enough to be worn with anything. I'd say go for it!
  8. I don't find it trendy at all - very standard, plain even. Personally, it does nothing for me :shrugs:
  9. I bought a Matinee in blue with grey suede, and it is a beautiful bag, very classic style, there is nothing trendy at all about it. My 17 yo daughter has taken it from me and it is her favorite bag, she carries it everywhere. Also, she is Extemely hard on her possessions and this bag still looks perfect after two months of abuse.
  10. the Matinee is just too big for my needs, but i still think it's a gorgeous bag. since you already have the Wine Matinee, just stick with that one.
  11. i don't think the grey is trendy but the matinee itself might be to some people. grey seems to be trendy in my opinion since people are calling it the new black. i think that RM has blown up soo much and some people think it's a trend for now. imho, i love grey, the matinee, and rm in general.
  12. I have mixed fellings on the Matinee. When I see pictures of it being carried it looks much more attractive than standing on its own. It also looks like it would be easier to carry on your shoulder than the MAM & MA.
  13. I never really liked the wings. but yes, I agree it looks way better on than by itself. But it's an RM, so I imagine it's going to be around for a long time.
  14. I have one in Glazed Espresso. As much as I love it, I haven't felt the need to get another in a different color. It looked quite large in pictures, but it doesn't feel as big when I have it on, surprisingly. I like the suede, but never really have it exposed. If you're debating so much, I wouldn't get it. I still think that you either love a bag or you don't. If you have to debate or think about it too much, it's not worth it! JMO.
  15. I think the look of the Matinee depends on what type of leather the bag is made from. My black/blue Matinee is made from very thick, soft, squishy, mushy leather so the bag does not look HUGE. When I was purchasing this bag, I was trying to decide between the black and the elephant - the elephant, with it's thicker, sturdier, glossier leather looks so much larger than the black one - That's what sold me on the black Matinee (the black/blue combo was never my first choice until I saw it in person!). My daughter also has a Glazed Espresso and while that leather is thinner and super soft, it still looks much larger than my black one. If I remember correctly, the gray is made from the same kind of leather as the black one (altho I could be mistaken).

    As for the pockets on the ends - I use them ALL the time, esp for my cellphone. It's the perfect location to just reach in & grab it when it rings. Whether you carry the bag on your arm or your shoulder - those end pockets are extemely convenient! I hate having to stop and search for my phone when it rings (or unzip/unbuckle/unhook a pocket) - reaching right into that end pocket made my life so much easier!! And its deep enough that it's not obvious that you're carrying your phone in there. If you're worried about some reaching in & taking it, however, you could use the zip pocket at the end (just leave the zipper partially open). You don't even have to take the bag off your shoulder (or arm) to answer your phone, just reach over & VIOLA! there it is!