Dark gray camellia wallet

  1. Hey gals, I think there haven't been pictures of the dark gray yet so here's mine. Hong Kong just received their shipment today, including salmon pink - but in person I dunno, it doesn't look that good. It's not really a remarkable color. Originally I wanted the square shaped wallet, but it seemed too bulky for me and after putting in all my cards, the SA said it would be even more chunky. So I ended up with this one; she said if you don't mind folding your bills then it's ok, and it's more convenient to get in and out of. It cost HKD4,300 (USD551). The square shaped wallet costs HKD4,600 (USD590) and the largest flap with no closure costs HKD5,100 (USD 654). And remember there's no tax here.. hope that helps any of you who plan to shop in HK any time soon!

    Oh, make sure you check the wallets carefully. Each one is hand cut differently I think, some of the corners of the flowers were cut really deep that it looked like a hole in the leather. hehe, but I'm kinda picky when buying stuff in person.

    The color IRL is like the last pic..
    DSC00393.JPG DSC00394.JPG DSC00395.JPG DSC00396.JPG
  2. Oh gorgeous color, does this wallet come with a coin compartment?

    I am looking for a short wallet for just (folded)notes and card.... it looks like all Chanel wallets come with coin compartment??
  3. Most of the wallets do come with the coin compartment, which is why I didn't get the shorter version either. I wanted a short wallet like you too, but just hated the coin compartment. It was too bulky for my liking..

    This medium camelia comes with a zip compartment too but you can just put cards in it or something. I doubt the wallet will close properly if you stuff coins into it anyway.
  4. Yeah I kinda like how I can just dump everything into the wallet since I'd be too lazy to put everything back in the card slots. Plus I'm afraid the repetitive taking in and out of the cards would affect the leather more easily on the short wallet..
  5. Great wallet! Congrats!
  6. oh I love the grey too. Congrats, its really beautiful :smile:
  7. pretty :yes:
  8. oh isn't that beautiful! i love that colour. just stunning! congrats!
  9. Congrats! You scored a gorgeous wallet...
  10. I actually like that wallet size and the color is very pretty.
  11. hi P, are you totally loving your wallet? it's gorgeous!
  12. Congrats on your beautiful new wallet. :heart: It may have to be my next wallet purchase!
  13. Gorgeous wallet! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Beautiful! love grey!
  15. Gorgeous colour. So understated, and yet so stunning!