Dark Gold or Dark Silver - which to keep? Pics

  1. I always wanted the 06Fall Dark Gold reissue and I finally tracked one down. Along my quest, I bought the 07Cruse Dark Silver. I absolutely love both, but wondering...

    (LEFT) Dark Gold (RIGHT) Dark Silver

    a. Are they too similar?
    b. How about justifying..1 for Fall. 1 for Summer?
    c. Which would you keep if you had to choose only 1?
    d. There's pen marks inside the Dark Gold. Would you live with that?
    IMG_3366.jpg IMG_3368.jpg IMG_3370.jpg IMG_3372.jpg
  2. What kind of jewelry do you wear, gold or silver?

    Personally, I prefer the silver bag, but it's a tough call. I would not keep both.
  3. They're both gorgeous:love: but the colors seem really similar in the photos. I would probably sell one and get a completely different color.
  4. They're definitely very similar...I wouldn't keep both. I thought I'd say gold, but I'm really loving the pop-out sheen of the silver. Good luck!
  5. WOW ... I wouldn't keep both but not sure which one I would pick, both are beautiful! Depends on what you own already ...
  6. I love them both!!!! Tough choice to decide which one is better. Although depends on your use...the right one is more dressy whereas the left (dark gold) is lil more sober...I would imagine you'd get more use out of the gold one.
  7. I was in the exact same position about 4 months ago. I returned the dark silver. It's not silver at all, it's really a gold color.
  8. I personally would not keep both. They do look similar, I think. I would keep the dark silver.

    I don't think I would be happy with the pen mark either.
  9. Wow. The dark silver is so similar to the gold... how odd.

    I love them both! I think it would come down to whether you want shiny or a more matte bag. I adore the silver... but if I could only keep one, I guess it would have to be the gold.
  10. ITA!
    You took the words right out of my mouth. LOL
  11. I agree - they are really similar. Unless you have 20 of those bags in different colors (we can dream, right?), I would return or sell one and get something else you love. Since the Dark Gold was your dream bag, I would keep that b/c I find that I personally am not happy with something close in the long run. I will just keep obsessing over the original bag.:rolleyes: Here's a great thread from the Chloe forum that might just help you with the pen mark problem - especially #22 with before and after pics. How to Maintain or Care for your Chloe - Page 2 - The Purse Forum
  12. yes they look similar, no i wouldn't keep both, spend the money on something different, less similar. keep the silver.
  13. I prefer the dark silver, but I might be biased because I have it. The color IMO just looks more stunning, and also, the pen marks might be a deterrent for me, especially knowing I have a gorgeous bag (your dark silver), in perfect condition :smile:

  14. They're too similar IMO, so I wouldn't keep both. I'd pick the dark silver because I love how shimmery it is.
  15. I have the dark gold, and I love it. The silver is too shiny for my taste. I definitely wouldn't keep both.