Dark Gold/Bronze 2.55 Reissue in any size anywhere?

  1. There must still be some lurking somewhere in dept stores.
  2. I think I saw this bag...but it's in europe!
  3. Anywhere in London or even Geneva?
  4. I've seen them in Saks, Bloomies & Chanel boutiques in NY. Give them a try, I'm sure they still have stock as they are not flying off the selves as yet.
  5. I thought there was an 800 number where Chanel can "locate" specific items.
  6. Chanel-Store Düsseldorf in Germany, but this doesn't help, right? :s
  7. I tried them and they routed me to voicemail. They still haven't returned my call.
  8. Chloe-Love. Thanks, unless it's still there when I am in Europe late March.
  9. Bloomingdale's 59th/Lexington in NYC had the dark gold/bronze reissue out on display as of Friday night 1/5 -- I saw it and loved it. The SA said it was a return and the very last one they have (it's from fall, not cruise). I believe it was the small size....225 or 226....retail tag said $1,875 (IIRC). Give them a call tomorrow....I hope you find her soon! Good luck :smile:
  10. Do they have the rose gold coloured reissue ??
  11. There was a bronze/dark gold colored 2.55 at NM in Fashion Valley as of Saturday. Ask for Mariella, she's fabulous!
  12. Argh! Someone beat me to it, literally in seconds.
  13. I saw it in a light rose gold colour...to die for literally
    anyone knows where I CAN FIND ONE?