Dark Denim staining leather on my PRADA!

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, and I am afraid that I need some advice... One of my cherished bags, a tobacco leather drawstring bucket Prada, has been stained by my dark denim jeans, and I mean, really bad! I took it to Saks and they gave me a leather cleaner which did nothing. In fact, I think it actually took the finish off the leather. When I took it back AGAIN, the SA said that with all the new dark denim jeans, that this is a common complaint among her customers, and the only thing I can do is probably have the bag dyed either a dark brown or black. Hmmmm... I think this would be odd with my little caramel colored Prada triangle. But at this point, I am at a loss. The bag is ruined, and I am not sure what to do. Any ideas? Also, if I need to dye it, does anyone know of a place to send it to? I am afraid if I dye it the color will bleed onto my clothes which will pose another set of problems. Should I cut my losses and move on, or give it a try? Thanks, I am clueless......
  2. Hello.

    Try and sell it on eBay. Maybe you'll get some money for it. I knwo that's the last thing you want to hear, but if you have to get rid of it, sell it.
  3. I've never used them, but Lovinmybags.com gets rave reviews here, both for cleaning and dyeing back to the original colors. Also if you do a search here for cleaning, you'll find tons of posts and recommendations.
  4. i'm horrified that they suggested you try and clean it yourself -- anyone who knows anything about leather can tell you this won't work with denim stains. is this a current prada bag? maybe if you make a big stink they'll give you a new one (doubtful, but it can't hurt to try). before you resort to eBay, you can try this company -- they specialize in leather restoration. at the very least, they should be able to tell you if it's a lost cause. good luck!

  5. same happened with my LV Hudson and I asked to the SA at LV,she told only I Can do is to carry it more carefully and they can't clean it :sad:
  6. I'd contact *the company that made the jeans* (I think this is very important!). See if they can offer any kind of resolution - if they didn't come with a warning about staining they shouldn't stain! Perhaps go to the place you purchased the jeans and show them the damage. They have got to warn other customers about the issue you have suffered.

    I'm SO sorry you had to go through it!!!! You have the power though to help stop it from happening to others too!

    Anyone think Prada might help repair the handbag?
  7. i am so sorry this happened! it has happened to me too...i tried baby wipes on my bag and thankfully most of it came off, not sure if will work for you bag...maybe you can try?
  8. I know this is going to sound crazy, but i had this issue with a cream coloured Marc Jacobs leather bag.. and i used an eraser on it.. like a pencil eraser.. and slowly but surely it removed almost all the dark stains. It probably wont make it look new, but it should look a million times better.
  9. Well, the bag is not that old. I got it for Christmas 2005 from Saks, and I don't use it all the time. I alternate with my others. The leather is a soft "greasy" kind of leather, not pebbled or rough. When I got it, they said NOT to use a cleaner because it can ruin the finish, and if you get a mark on it you can "rub the marks into the leather with your fingers" and that the leather will wear beautifully and get better with time. When I went in and showed the SA the stains, the marks were so bad I think she gave me the cleaner as a final solution. It WAS really beautiful, and now that I used that dreaded cleaner, everytime a water droplet falls on it, or it rains, or ANYTHING, it leaves a distinct mark. I think I may try that site you recommended. I am afraid now that the leather is so messed up and the finish is abraded in some areas, that even a new dye job may not absorb evenly. I thought about the eBay thing, but this bag looks pretty rough! Otherwise, it is a done deal. So, Please, PLEASE be careful with your light leather bags that hang low on your hip if you are a denim addict like me!!! Thanks for all of your speedy responses.
  10. Oh, regarding whether Prada would help... Saks said they would not send it back to Prada, as the bag is over 1 year old, and this is a staining issue, not an issue of a defective bag. It is my fault, not the maunfacturer's, as I was so eloquently told... I understand, but it stinks...
  11. Some people swear by those magic eraser thingamajigs -- you know the ones you get in the cleaning section of grocery stores...
  12. Same thing happened to me with 2 of my leather bags - white Prada and brown Ferragamo. I love both of these bags (and they're both quite new) and I also love to wear dark jeans so it bugs the heck out of me when I noticed the jean colour smudged onto my bags... Even though the stains are not that bad I'm still bothered by it.

    *SIGH* Should I just accept the fact that eventually my bags WILL BE DIRTY/ or stained not matter how much I wish they could stay 'new' forever...?? I just noticed the dirty edges on my Ferragamo after carrying it for just 1 week so I was/am really P-off.