Dark denim rubbing off on wallet

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a guy and wow, I'm on a purse forum. :nuts:

    Anyways, I have the BV chain wallet in beige/greige and wear it in my back pocket. I have these dark blue DH jeans that rub off indigo onto the wallet. Is there anything I can apply to the wallet so it's less vulnerable to the blue rubbing off onto the light colour of the wallet?

    Thanks! Looking to add more BV to my life!
  2. I don't know if your Diors are dry (I assume so) or not.. but the addition of Collonil Nanospray will probably assist in the cleaning once you've cleaned it. It will provide a protective layer of sorts betwixt the wallet and the denim to a point.

    I wear a lot of raw denim and I'd say that I'd probably never put a lighter colored BV into them for this exact reason.

    I knew I recognized that name from somewhere.. you're on SuFu. Hilarious. ;)
  3. kronik, forgive my ignorance, what SuFu?

    Anyway, do you rec Colloni spray on nappa only or other leathers as well? I was told by a SA at BV never to spray anything on the nappa umbria (I have a poudre sloane) as it will ruin the leather. any thoughts?

  4. SuFu is SuperFuture, a site dedicated to fashion/shopping/making fun of people which has a forum akin to this one.

    Collonil should be fine on your nappa purse - my SO has used it on the Ball in Nero and the Campana in Magnolia.
  5. Oh, okay, maybe I'll visit that website when I have time, after visiting PF, of course:smile:

    Thanks for the tip on using the spray on the nappa leather. I'll try it on my ebano veneta:yes: