Dark denim in the spring/summer?

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm crazy, or if this is normal, but I've always associated dark denim with fall and winter.

    Is it "ok" to wear dark denim in the summer?

    I'm trying to justify the purchase of yet another pair of dark William Rast skinnies...
  2. I dunno if its acceptable, but I definitely wear dark denim all year long! I think it looks great with chunky heels and a bright colored top :smile:
  3. ^^ That's what I was thinking. A bright or white top... I think it makes the top 'pop' more than a lighter wash.
  4. I wear dark denim year round, though it does get very hot in the summer.
  5. I wear it year round- I wear more light denim in the summer, but dark denim just looks so much more slimming in my opinion so I go with it a lot in the summer too.
  6. You guys just justified the (inevitable) purchase. I thank you... my bank account doesn't though :lol:
  7. i only buy dark denium....:P
  8. I wear it all year round...never really thought to just limit it to fall/winter..I love it too much...:smile:
  9. Yay for sales! I scored a pair of WR Jerri Skinnies for under $100 including tax and s/h. Dark of course :P
  10. i wear dark denim in the spring/summer too. but oddly enough i don't like wearing light denim in the winter. i think it's just because i always prefer to wear dark denim no matter what's the season.
  11. I wear dark denim year round. I prefer the look of it to light denim any day.
  12. i wear dark denim all year round too! although during the summer i'm mostly in skirts/shorts.

    i've been too scared to wear light denim, but this season i might grab a pair to wear with long shirts. we'll see.
  13. Yes! I wear it all year around.
  14. Year round...
  15. Oh I totally agree...light denim just doesn't look right in the winter! Probably because I wear black boots 99% of the time in the snow and I don't think they look good with anything but dark wash (and leggings of course!)