dark denim and vachetta

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  1. anyone have issues w/their jeans damaging the vachetta? i'm paranoid.
  2. Nope, not I.
  3. You should wash denim items at least once before wearing. It should reduce some of the denim color transfer onto the vachetta.
  4. I haven't had a problem...but my jeans have ruined my Noumea sneakers! But it was only the laces...
  5. NO problem. did something happen to yours?
  6. I;ve heard of it happening, so always wash your jeans a couple of times and never let it sit againts you vachetta and esp your venis for too long.
  7. Nope.
  8. no- but i bought a new dark pair of jeans, and eventhough they aren't supposed to have color transfer, i' just wanted to be safe. i would be p*ssed if my vacchetta turned BLUE!
  9. i walways wach first! nothing bag should happen...
  10. :yes: I had some dye transfer on my Alma, it was a pain to get it all off, it's always a good idea to wash your jeans before wearing them with any LV.
  11. i did once w/ my petit bucket!
    i was wearing it on my shoulder and it was super hot outside. well, toronto and surrounding cities had a blackout and i was stuck outside, by myself, for hours! i was sweating and i didn't want to hold the bag with my hands because they were so sweaty. lol. the dye from my jean skirt ended up bleeding onto the bottom part w/ vachetta. i was pretty upset but i got over it 'cause i was actually more worried about getting home safely! the blackout caused so much chaos! the subway obviously wasn't running and cell phones weren't working! i'll never forget that day.

    sorry, i didn't realize how long my story was!!! :shame:
  12. Yes! even after i washed my jeans a couple of times. Be careful with 7 jeans Roxanne skinny jeans (Mercer). But all my other jeans are fine. :yucky::yes::crybaby:
  13. I know it can happen, so be careful. I even had some (slightly) colour transfer from the antigua canvas to the leather parts on the canvas. It's hardly visible though.
  14. Hmmm... so far no. And I own three LV belts with fuzzy vachetta interior.
  15. Not w/ a bag, but I got caught in the rain in a new pair of jeans and a pair of leather Sergio Rossi boots. They were completely ruined.