Dark, dark browns on patina

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  1. I personally do not like the look of the LV handles turning a dark brown color, although I DO like a nice patina. This is a major factor in my purchasing an LV (deciding b/t Epi/Mono) because I want to use it for years and years and years. Does anybody know how many years it takes until the dark brown sets in? I would probably use it several times a week.

  2. Hmmn, I'm not sure. All I know is the more you use it the darker it patinas. To get a beautiful even patina is so hard. Thank goodness you can replace the handles. :biggrin: I wish I could be more helpful..
  3. This may sound silly, but do they replace the handles for free or do you have to pay?

    I just read your "patina where art thou" thread where a lot of ppl say hand lotion is evil for patina. Unfortunately, I am a hand lotion junky. GAHHHHH!! Summer IS coming soon, though, so perhaps I won't have to use as much lotion...:amuse:

    Oh, and you are plenty helpful! I didn't even know you could get the handles replaced LOL
  4. it will cost you about $200+( depending on your location) for the handles to be replace on a speedy, i beleive they will do the piping and the pull tabs as well.

  5. I read somewhere in this forum that a member had the handles on her Monogram Canvas Alma replaced for $160. (Is it loren? :huh: )
  6. Or if the Handles get to dark for your liking and you have kept your bag nice you could tell it for $300 or so and add $200 to get a new bag. Either way your out of pocket will be around $200. Some people LOVE the dark patina. Just keep it clean and take good care of it and if you decide to go the selling route you should do ok.
  7. I just hang the speedy or alma in the krook of my arm and avoid touching the handles if possible so you'll get an even patina but it takes years to darken them to real brown.
  8. It's been ages since I carried my Speedy, but the handles turned brown within a year, and then they darkened even more when I left the bag out in my closet (don't close the doors so light gets in).
  9. I actually don't mind a dark brown patina, just not black brown. LOL.
  10. Umm the darkness is caused dirt on you hand going on to the leather.
  11. It also depends on how often you use your bag, for the patina's shade. One of my bags is like super, super white and I've had it for months and months, it just doesn't get to see a lot of sun.
  12. thanks guys@!
  13. So am I :lol:
  14. My mom's first bag, the Speedy 30, has the super dark handles you're referring to. It's from the 80s..and in the 90s, they were still the honey color, even she carried it for about 7 or 8 years.
  15. I 'm afraid it may look wierd if the handles were replaced and they look brand new whereas the rest of the bag has some years to it.