Dark colors for spring/summer?

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  1. Hello everyone. I am wondering if any of you carry dark bags in the spring through summer (black, browns, cranberry, ect...) I am thinking about getting a black Dooney Vacchetta leather bag for my birthday in June (I know 5 months away) and I want to be able to carry it without looking like a dumb butt. Thanks for any input!;)
  2. I think you can carry black year round, it's so functional. And a lot of people don't subscribe to the strict rules of light colors for spring/summer and darks for fall/winter.

    I tend to follow the rule of thumb loosely, but only because I'm usually coordinating the purse and shoes for the outfit du jour, and the color palettes change in my clothes as I get the summer stuff out (more yellow and pinks, which I'm looking forward to wearing so I can get my pink and my yellow Choos out at last).
  3. Well, I certainly do! :biggrin:
  4. a lot of people carry black year round. I don't think there are any hard rules anymore about any color. I wear all my colors whenever I feel like it. I do tend to carry light, or bright colors a lot in the warmer months cause I dress lighter is all. But I will always bring out a black bag for evening or dinners in the summer. If you like it, wear it!
  5. No set rules. Whatever your preference. I do tend to break out my lighter colors for the spring/summer season like lt. blue, pink, white, cream. Also depends on what I am wearing.
  6. I also carry all my bag colors all year - varies with my mood!
  7. Black is always in, it doesn't matter what time of year it is. I'm not sure I would go with a totally black outfit in summer (although with English summers being what they are...) but black accessories are fine. X
  8. Carry what you want, when you want! I carry black and brown bags year round.
  9. Wear what you want whenever you feel like it.
  10. I don't think the color matter, but more the material. You wouldn't wear a straw bag in the middle of February!
  11. Thanks everybody for your feedback. I know I can always count on my fellow TPFers. :smile:
  12. Oh another thing...I live in the humid south--how does leather do in humidity?
  13. I match my bags with my outfits. So if I'm wearing black or brown in the summer ..I'll carry a black or brown bag. But I usually like lighter colors and lighter handbags in the summer because of what I wear...more whites, yellows, lime greens...Its whatever you like
  14. It's pretty much summer all year where i live, and i personally prefer fall/winter colors so i do wear black, brown, navy, burgundy throughout the year. A black bag can look great with a white top and jeans or capris... I also find the darker colors more appropriate for work.

    As for humidity, I live in extremely humid climate and my bags have done well through the years. It's best to keep them in a relatively cool room and inspect them regularly.
  15. agreed