Dark cherry red/mahogany bag? Need help!

  1. I'm in the market for a leather tote to carry to work. I want something fairly classic and "boxy" in a dark cherry red or mahogany.

    This is the color I'm talking about: Bag Borrow or Steal™ Kenneth Cole Handbags and Purses (They call the color "scarlett")

    As for style, I'd like something similar to
    MAXX NEW YORK 'The Hustle' Tote - Leather - Nordstrom.com


    Neiman Marcus* -*Beth Double-Pocket Satchel, Black

    I've scoured the internet and I can't find anything that meets my specifications! The color seems impossible to find. Does anyone know of any bags out there that might be what I'm looking for, or is the color totally out? I want to get something that will go with black work shoes but that isn't just another boring black tote!

    I'm willing to spend up to $500 or so. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me!
  2. http://[​IMG]

    i just got this tods bag... the color is somewhat what you are looking for.. it's £550, but something to consider if you like the color... i agree it's hard to find a bag of this color!
  3. Monsac Curry Work Tote.jpg Monsac scarlet.jpg Rafe New York Conduit Patent Leather Scarlett.jpg
  4. Dautore pocket shoulder lunaboston.jpg
  5. Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tina Tote shopbop.jpg Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tina zappos.jpg
  6. Tano sexbomb red velvet musthavebag.jpg
  7. There's this bag at Anthropologie. It's a little more casual. Just so you know, I've seen that KC bag in person--it's actually a lighter red than what's photographed. Also, the bag I posted is lighter than the photo, but looks closer to the KC photo. HTH!

    Anthropologie -

    I would also check out Monsac bags... Nordstrom carries a good selection in store and they almost always have a "work tote" style. Here's how their red looks:

    Monsac 'Devon' Satchel - - Nordstrom.com

    And you can shop from the Monsac store directly. Here are a few work tote in their signature leather. The leather on these bags never scuffs and stays glossy!


  8. Its not the color you want, but I like it. Made by Carbotti.